Hi! My name is Ryan Enzler.

Design is awesome. Yes, that word may be overused, but I mean it in the most genuine way possible. Between sketching, rapid prototyping, computer manipulation, and reaching a final product, there is an uncanny joy that comes to me. I like to keep my work open to any sort of design possibility because the sky can truly be the limit.

I am a recent graduate from UW Stout with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. For the past four years I have been a student at UW Stout where I have thrived in team oriented design projects as well as taking the responsibility to develop personal projects. I like to think of good design as making the world a better place. I am well versed in the Adobe suite and very capable of learning software quickly and using it to my advantage. I have interests in Photography and Videography where I have taken various classes in this field.

Outside of design I enjoy anything related to the great outdoors. Road biking, mountain biking, fossil hunting, skiing, and snowshoeing. When it comes to indoors-y interests, I keep occupied with minor projects as well as trying to be as versed as possible in film and entertainment. There’s so much to discover!

Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. Above all, I hope you enjoy the site.