Industrial Design (UW Stout)

Click the link below to view my preliminary portfolio. Following are some highlights of the portfolio.


Apto: training wheels with a leaf spring assistenzler_apto_bigboardenzler_apto_small

Arthur: flash drive and dock inspired by folk loreARTHUR final boardarthur context grnftr

Dexter: Assisted cutting board and grip for users with limited hand use. dexter senior show_A_DSC1148exploded view

Sponsored project with TREK bicycle company.  Entertainment. Speed. Visibility. ENZLER TREK1(board)ENZLER TREK2(board)GOODRENDER4 copy

Heal Guard: Thermoformed ankle protection to prevent bed sores in hospitals and home care.

Here is a published article on the Heal Guard Project and winning first place for the Society of Plastics Engineers thermoformed part competition. cropped-heal-guard-2.jpgEnzler board 1Enzler board 2enzler heal guard 3heal guard enzler 1

Sponsored project with a local grade school to create a digital learning device. BeutyShot_FlashTabflash interface desincontext.jpg

coat hanger form study


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