Retail Fixture Design (Target)

Minnetonka Grocery Innovation (2016)

This a ground-up imagining of the grocery section for Target Stores. This is a test store that will hopefully pave the way to freshening up the Target produce section of the next decade. My roles in this include: fixture design, vendor direction, cell work for planning, and solidifying details for future use.

I’m very proud that our team pulled this off with such little qualms.

Feel free to check it out in Minnetonka MN!

MtkaGrocery-16AFTER_DSC0898_DSC0893_DSC0892_DSC0889_DSC0888_DSC0886_DSC0878_DSC0874Minnetonka Grocery (2016) _DSC0793 _DSC0799 _DSC0801 _DSC0803 _DSC0804 _DSC0806 _DSC0810 _DSC0813 _DSC0814 _DSC0818 _DSC0824 _DSC0826 _DSC0830 _DSC0833  _DSC0835 _DSC0870_DSC0838 _DSC0839 _DSC0840 _DSC0841 _DSC0845 _DSC0847 _DSC0859 _DSC0860 _DSC0861  _DSC0865 _DSC0863

1 thought on “Retail Fixture Design (Target)

  1. Wow great job! I love the new look, from a fellow retail designer in the industry. The track lighting and hanging element are a bold statement. The fonts and fixtures look amazing too! I love how the design completely takes Target’s produce and fresh foods area to a new level.

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